Otis Jerry Williams

Otis began New Beginnings Recovery Homes Incorporated 29 years ago as New Beginnings Transitional Housing with a single idea in mind.  Where can persons (men) who are deemed socially liable receive short or long-term assistance as a means of remaining off the city's streets and away from the criminal enterprises, jails and the penitentiary. These persons are homeless, penniless, ex-offender, HIV positive/AIDS impacted, chemically dependent and/or mentally ill etc. Most of these persons are subcategories of more than one grouping. New Beginnings provides shared and permanent housing, food, clothing, social, supportive and case management services. Clients receive medical and psychiatric attention and medication through Saving Lives (Psych Group Therapy), DMJ and Mid America Home Healthcare (Homebound Medicare Individuals) and Advance Medical Equipment for medical equipment.

Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams created Helping Hands of America 1990 with a vision of assisting others to better their lives, be a positive impact on the community, and help others help themselves. Helping Hands of America opened its doors to women and children then progressed to assisting ex-offenders and the homeless. After many years of success and rehabilitating hundreds of clients, Joseph Williams joined forces with Otis Williams as New Beginnings Recovery Homes Incorporated (NBRHI) Vice President.  Working together they felt that they would be able to impact more individuals.  Otis Williams has since passed.  Joseph Williams is the President/CEO of NBRHI and continues the journey he started with Otis and assist all that comes his way willing and able to start on the path of rediscovery.

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