House Coordinator Job Description

House Coordinators handle the day-to-day and shift-to-shift operations of specific homes.  They ensure that the implementation of prescribed duties that have been assigned to the shift coordinators, cooks, drivers, and maintenance men are completed as assigned. 

The House Coordinator ensures that whatever was assigned has been carried out in accordance with specific instructions issued by Regional Project Director and the Training Manual.                          

a. House Coordinators are required to know the full names of each person in their house;
  i. Intake files on each client must be reviewed by the House Coordinator;
  ii. Check legal issues (Is this client a sex offender; Does he have to register?)
b. House Coordinators coordinate and supervise the on-site responsibilities of the transitional residential/recovery home.  
c. House Coordinators also helps to develop strategies for effective handling of residents in conjunction with Shift Coordinators and help to solve day-to-day problems that the House Coordinators encounters.  
. House Coordinators also maintain general order and discipline throughout the assigned home especially on assigned shifts.  
e. House Coordinator also handles all of the following:

i. Responsible for the day-to-day operations within the day-to-day operations within the House;  
ii. Ensures that incoming clients complete an Intake Package and the Intake Package is sent to Main Office. 
iii. Ensure that the incoming clients are properly directed to their assigned rooms; that they receive sheets and blankets, towel and a care package upon their arrival;

iv. Ensures that each client undergoes a clothing search so as to prevent client from bringing bed bugs or roaches into the house;
Ensure that the person discusses his/her needs in the area of identification, link card, medical card, psych medication, clothing, psych group therapy, medical equipment from Advance Equipment Company if the client receives Medicaid and/or Medicare, home health care, if client is Medicare [receives his/her social security check on the 3rd of the month] receives Home Health Care assistance to enroll into the Home Health Care Program; and medication from a   Pharmacy. 
vi. Ensure that the client receives appropriate case management services that he/she needs;  
vii. Responsible for directing persons to the Medical Clinic from all areas such as (Medical Clinic on Tuesday and Thursday of each week; Shelters, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Walk-Ins etc.);
viii. Responsible for providing direction and supervision to all members of the house; assign job functions that are appropriate house based on age and sex; 

House Coordinator

ix. Responsible for directing persons who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS  to the CORE CENTER for appropriate medication.  Prescription is to be faxed to a Pharmacy and the client’s medication will be delivered to the client’s home in a brown paper bag. 
x. Responsible for receiving mail and for distributing mail to residents. 
xi. Responsible for ensuring that the appropriate file has been completed, and sent to the main office; 
xii. Responsible for conducting a specific orientation for each individual upon their arrival; 
xiii. Responsible for ensuring that each person within the house is given a house function;

The House Coordinator also handles all of the following:

- day-to-day shift responsibilities of specific recovery homes.  This includes providing complete and detail scheduling of persons to work on each shift as well as the appropriate Liaisons, if necessary;
- Ensure that staff completes the appropriate Intake packages, prepares a house file for this client.  These files follows a client between houses. 
- Prepares an Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) file for those clients that are on parole.  These files are maintained in the main office under lock and key.  Secondly, files of Sex Offenders and HIV/AIDS Impacted clients are kept in separate cabinet file drawers to prevent unauthorized access or release; Arranges for client to obtain a social security card.
- Arranges for client to obtain their birth certificate; Arranges for client to obtain their Board of Education transcript;
- Arranges for client to obtain a voters registration card;
- Arranges for client to obtain a state identification card;
- Ensures that staff places new client on the Head Count Sheet;
- Ensures that staff prepares a Client Movement Log Sheet for new clients in any house.  This sheet tracks the movement of any and all residents;
- Holds weekly house meetings to acquaint new clients with the rules and regulations as well as programmatic guidelines that are in evidence;
- Ensures that staff places new client on the House Census Form;
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Bachelor Social Worker (BSW) / Licensed Social Worker (LSW) Job Description

We commit to offering flexibility in a niche field with opportunities to learn and grow and provide exceptional  support to our Social Workers so they can focus on providing high-quality mental health care for our clients. If  you are a compassionate, fully licensed mental health therapist with a heart for a counseling people who are in  need and committed to therapeutic excellence to provide clinical expertise to our clients and promote optimum  mental health, we want to connect with you. Work remote and some on-site visits as required. 

 • Provide case management by assisting clients with obtaining IDs (state ID; social security card; social  security benefits; meeting appointments; assist if needed with hospitalization; assist with finding jobs;  assist with finding housing; encourage clients to save money and track clients savings.  
• Provide individual counseling services to stable, low-acuity adults via video chat. 
• Encourage clients to share their feelings to help them develop insights into themselves. 
• Evaluate the physical, mental, and emotional condition of clients.  
• Develop and implement treatment plans using solution-based therapy.  
• Monitor progress throughout the treatment plan. And write progress notes. 
• Assist clients to develop coping skills and strategies to reach goals.  
• Interface with administrative staff as needed. 

• Education: bachelor’s degree in social work, therapy, mental health counseling, or psychology (high  school education will be considered with experience) 
• Licensure: Current state license by the state board is a plus. 
• Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) is a plus. 
• Strong clinical and diagnostic skills 
• Experience managing your own caseload.
• Exceptional interpersonal skills and sympathetic nature 
• Ability to make professional evaluations, decisions, and recommendations for treatment planning and  implementation. 
• Strong computer literacy skills 
• Independent, and comfortable working from home 
• Must have a space dedicated to practice in conjunction with privacy policies. Location: Chicago, Illinois – HYBRID (remote and on-site as-required)
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